Simply Creative Recipes

Simply Creative Recipes

These simply creative recipes are tasty and will be loved by all your family. Try out these creatively straightforward recipes and thoughts, and create a simple exciting meal.

simply creative recipes

In a perfect world, family dinner would signify a healthier meal that takes only minutes and does not bust your grocery budget. For most of us, the weeknight dinner does not seem possible. But we created for you a go-to list of easy and creative recipes that you should save.

1. Real classic spaghetti carbonara recipe

pasta spaghetti carbonara recipe

Learn the best way to create our very best spaghetti carbonara recipe, this pasta dish is also an Italian favorite. For a fast dinner, authentic Spaghetti alla Carbonara recipe, a rich tangle of pasta, pancetta, and egg. Indulgent and flavorful, yet so easy, pasta carbonara takes just 30 min to make and this creative recipe is a sure success.

Get the recipe at: Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe.

2. Grilled Shrimp Recipe

grilled shrimp recipe creative

This grilled shrimp recipe is quick and easy to prepare and it will be the hit of any family dinner. Can be ready in only 20 minutes, and will impress everyone.

Get the recipe at: Grilled Shrimp Recipe.

3. Mac n Cheese Homemade Recipe

best mac and cheese recipe

This Mac n Cheese homemade recipe topped with a crispy topping, and creamy inside, is definitely a go to if you wanna create a creative meal that is tasty and very easy to do.

Get the recipe at: Mac n Cheese recipe.

4. Healthy Cobb Salad

easy healthy cobb salad

A salad that fits in any season, in an unusual presentation. Ingredients are not blended as they normally do in a salad, but separate cuts are made and cut with a dressing.

Get the recipe at: Healthy Cobb Salad

5. Grilled Salmon Recipe

grilled salmon recipe

Grilled Salmon with asparagus served with lemon, small tomatoes, and red onion. Simple Grilled Salmon is the best recipe in the world! It’s simple to create on the grill, and is healthy and mild to get a dinner that is very good for you.

Get the recipe at: Grilled Salmon Recipe

6. Easy No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

oreo cheesecake recipe

Here’s how you can make a cheesecake with Oreo biscuits without oven, ideal for summer days when you can not ignite the fire. Super-fast and easy to do!

Get the recipe at: Easy No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

7. Top Chocolate Brownie

The best brownie ever eaten! chocolate, sweet and caramel flavor. Prepare it when you have guests, they will definitely be impressed. And the good part is that it’s so easy. We do not need a kitchen robot, but just a spatula.

Get the recipe at: Top Chocolate Brownie

8. Homemade Blueberry Muffins

best homemade blueberry muffins recipe

Here is the recipe for a series of perfect blueberry muffins. They are so fluffy and delicious, they are bred exactly as much as they need to be powdered with sugar. Even the hardest critic will give in to the little muffins, which you can enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.

Get the recipe at: Homemade Blueberry Muffins

9. Top easy crepe

Crepes are the cousin of american pancakes. They’re bigger, thinner and more fragile than sausage, since the batter can also be thinner without a leavening agent to provide them any lift and also cause them to fluffy like sausage.

Get the recipe at: Top easy crepe

10. Chicken Enchiladas

easy chicken enchiladas

To make chicken enchiladas you do not really require that much. Shredded chicken enchilada recipes are easy to gather and straightforward. Think like a casserole with enchiladas.

Get the recipe at: Chicken Enchiladas